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Remortgages for Contractors

Reviewing your mortgage from time to time can save you a lot of money. Mortgage being one of the most important financial commitment, it is important for a contractor to stay up to date on the interest rates.

Getting complacent and not reviewing your mortgage can cost you a lot of money, while switching your mortgage to a new lender with a lower interest rate can you save you a lot of money. Don't wait till the interest rate rises and take pressure, stay ahead of your game by planning about it, well in advance.

We can help you save money

As a specialist contractor mortgage broker, we can do a full mortgage review for you. There will be no cost and no obligation for the mortgage review. Compare your current mortgage rate with what we have to offer, and if it suits you and only if you are satisfied with what we have to offer, only then you move ahead with us.

We'll take everything into consideration, your contracting status, property value, the interest rate you are currently paying and the time left on your mortgage. We always believe in staying ahead of the market, which means, we will advise you keeping in mind, the future interest rate fluctuations. This will help you not only save money today, but also in the future.

If we'll find from the results that you are already on the best deal then, with your permission, we'll store your details in our system and we will alert you in the future if the interest rate changes / goes down or if we find a better deal than what you have today.

We have negotiated unique underwriting deals with mortgage lenders, making it possible for us to offer you the best deals available in the market. With us, you could borrow up to 5x of your gross annualised contract income.

Try our contractor mortgage calculator to find out how much you can borrow

Why Choose Us

  • 100% transparency and clarity on the mortgage application process
  • You could borrow up to 5x of your annual contract income
  • Secure mortgages from contractor friendly mortgage lenders and competitive interest rates
  • Specialist 360 degree advice – starting from initial consultation to securing your mortgage offer and beyond
  • Dedicated team of mortgage advisors. Full support and guidance throughout the mortgage application process

What documents would you need for contractor remortgages?

  • Signed contract
  • 3 Month Bank Statements
  • Up to Date CV
  • Proof of ID

Some additional documents may be required depending on your contracting status. Find out how much you can borrow and also check your mortgage eligibility.

Alternatively, feel free to drop us a line on enquiries@mycontractormortgages.com or request for a free call-back.

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